Tierpark Berlin, Berlin


As a result of the partition of Germany, the GDR opened its ‘own zoo’ in 1955, the Tierpark Berlin is now the largest landscape zoo in Europe, the circular walking path is over 20 kilometres. After the Reunification it was agreed to establish a close cooperation between Tierpark Berlin and Zoo Berlin; a sign of this agreement that visitors can purchase a combine ticket to the zoos.
Tierpark Berlin is located in Friedrichsfelde, the Friedrichsfelde Palace is situated within the zoo.
An electric train circles at the part of the zoo and the ride is free.
In our opinion the most exciting feeding is the polar bear’s. It is very unique, and we have never seen anything like this before.
The other popular performance is the bird fly show.
The two zoo are totally different, both of them are a great experience, so cannot be compared or ranked.

We visited Tierpark Berlin in September 2018.

Visit the Zoo’s website.