Science and Industry Museum, Manchester


The Science and Industry Museum is a large museum devoted to the development of science, technology and industry.
The museum is situated on the site of the world’s first passenger railway station, which opened as part of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in September 1830. The railway station frontage and 1830 warehouse are both Grade I listed.
Visitors can see a lot of machines and attractions, for example locomotives, steam engines, industrial machines, and a large collection of phones, televisions, cameras and so on. We can see some development stage of these things.
Children and playful adults can try some interesting exhibits. These things show the sience in action.

Stephenson’s Rocket has returned to Manchester for the first time in over 180 years, this is a temporary exhibition until 28. April 2019.
Air and Space Hall, where collection of aeroplanes and road vehicles can be found, is temporary closed.

We visited Science and Industry Museum in January 2019.

Visit the Museum’s website.