South Lakes Safari Zoo, Lindal in Furness, Ulverston

We went to Safari Zoo Cumbria by train. (Get off at Dalton train station, then catch number 6, 6X bus to the Zoo.) I have to say there aren’t too many road signs to help to find the zoo on foot, but eventually we found it! 🙂

It is a safari zoo, so you can walk-in some not too dangerous animal’s enclosures. So you can face parrots, kangaroos, lemurs and others. It is safe, but you have to be cautious. You shouldn’t bring food with you in there, you can eat in the zoo of course, but only in the designated areas. But smoking is not allowed anywhere in the zoo.

It is a special experience, not the same as a “normal” zoo and not as scary as a drive-in safari. Not better or worse, but different.

They have a lot of big cats, but we were not lucky enough to see every of them. The big cats are placed in normal enclosures with electric fences, and all safety measurements. Sumatran tigers, lions, wolfs, jaguars, lynx, and snow leopard can be found in the zoo.

Raccoon and Red Panda are really cute and they are in the neighbouring enclosures.
And there were two baby Rhinos, which were very special too see.

You can spend a lovely time in this safari zoo on a sunny day.

I found informations referring to this zoo as Safari Zoo Cumbria and also as South Lakes Safari Zoo.


Visit the Zoo’s website.


We visited South Lakes Safari Zoo in September 2021.


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