Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, in England.
YWP is a very exciting experience, different from a zoo in some aspects. There aren’t as many species as in a zoo in general, but the enclosures are much bigger and the visitors can see the animals from a different way as in any other zoo. The big territory gives to the animals oppurtunity to hide from people. I think YWP is a mixture of a safari park and a zoo. We liked it very much.
Polar bears, tigers, lions, leopards, camels, brown bears, lemurs, monkeys, capybaras and some other animals can be found in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
Getting to the park isn’t easy. Plan your route in advance! But definitely worth it!

We visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park in August 2019.

Visit the Park’s website.


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